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Winter Driving in Glen Ellyn

(Winter Driving in Glen Ellyn, Illinois)

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Car as the Main Transportation

Many people choose to use the private cars than the public transportation. However, there are some advantages of using the public transportations. Firstly, with the public transportation, you can save your money.

The price of the car is not as expensive as the cars in the old days. However, the price is still categorized as the high-class transportation. If you want to have a good quality car, you will need to purchase the expensive cars for your family. With the public transport, you can save your money.

Winter Wonderland

(Winter Wonderland)

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You will pay them every time you need to use the transportation. You will not waste your money to purchase the gasoline for the cars. You just need to go the point of stop for the public transportation, and the transportation will pick the passengers.

The private cars will give more advantages to the owner. You can travel anywhere and anytime you like using your own car. You do not need to wait for the public transportation to pick you and send you to the destination you desire. You can travel to any place from your own house.

The weather will not bother you and destroy your plan. Whatever the condition, you can go to the destination you plan before. You do not need to wait for the other passenger, and you will use the comfortable seat in your private car. If you use the public transportation, you will need to scramble with the other passengers to get the seat.

If you are not lucky, you will stand in the trip to your destination. You will not feel the hot and the cold inside of your car.

Heated Seat Cushion

AmazonBasics - Best Heated Seat Cushion

The cold weather is not bothering the condition inside of your car too much. However, if your family members are not strong enough with the winter season, you will need to get the additional tools for your family. With the help of the high technologies, you can buy the heated seat cushion to get the warmer feeling for you families.

One of the best products of the heated seat cushion is the AmazonBasic12-Volt Heated Seated Cushion.

With the help of the high technologies, this seated cushion will give you the warm feeling. You can control the temperature of the seated cushion using the remote from this product. There are three ways of the temperature controller.

You can set it to the off condition to use it as the regular seated cushion. With the good design, it will add the comfort of the passengers. The other two options are the low and high temperature settings. Not all people like the warm conditions for their seats. With the low temperature, it will be suitable to the winter season.

The high temperature option is available for the extreme cold weather.

The only disadvantage from the AmazonBasic12-Volt Heated Seated Cushion is the complicated use of the product.

You will need to connect the seated cushion to the power supply of your car as the source of the energy.

When the temperature feature is not in use, you should disconnect it from the power supply to get the better performance of the battery.


Best Seated Cushion - Amazon Basics 12 Volt

Best Seated Cushion Control Panel - Amazon Basics 12 Volt


AmazonBasics 12-Volt Black Heated Seat Cushion with 3-way Temperature Controller

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Mallory USA 532 as Your Perfect Snow Brush

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Driving Car During Winter

(Driving Car During Winter)

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Car is Important

Because of the high technologies, our life is easier than before. The new transportations are using the new technologies, including the cars and the other public transportations. With the help of the new technologies, many people decide to own a car as their daily transportation.

They do not want to use the public transportations because of many reasons. The most disturbing reason is the time. To use the public transportation, you should go to the certain point in your city and wait for the transportation to come. This condition is very disturbing.

You will waste some of your time to get to the point of stop of the public transportation. You will need to share the seat with the other passengers. If you are not lucky, you will not get the chair and you have to stand in the public transportation.

Those above conditions will not bother you and your family members, if you have your own car. With the private car, you can travel to the destination you like and it will not dependent to the other people. You can décor your own car as you like it. With the private car, you can also go to any place you like from your house. You do not need to waste your time to get to the point of stop to get the vehicle.

However, you will need the big amount of money to get the good quality of a car. With the help of the new high technologies, the price of the cars is not as expensive as the old days. However, you can save your money if you decide to use the public transportation than a car. Many people decided to purchase cars for their daily transportation.

Driving in Winter Time

(Driving in Winter Time)


Mallory USA 532 Car Snow Brush

If we talk about the car, we will discuss about the accessories for the cars. To get the best comfortable car for your family, you need to have the right tools as the treatment of your car.

One of the most important tools for your car is the car snowbrush. Many people do not care about the car snowbrush.

They will clean their car using the manual way of cleaning a car. Actually, the manual way of cleaning a car will waste more of your time. You will need to remove the snow on your car carefully. If you randomly throw the snow from your car, you can damage the paint of your car.

The best car snowbrush is the Mallory USA 532. Using the Mallory USA 532, you can get your car clean from the snow. With the 26 inch long, you will be able to remove the snow from your car with the perfect car snowbrush. The product is very cheap with many advantages from it. Firstly, you will get the good shape and good size of the product. Secondly, the product has the good quality of the durability.

With the Mallory USA 532, you can minimize the possibility of scratching your car’s paint when you clean the snow from your car.

Snow Brush - Mallory USA 532

Mallory 532 26″ Snow Brush with Foam Grip (Colors may vary)

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Battery Tender Junior 021-0123

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Toyota Yaris HSD concept Source : Toyota Motor Europe Link :

Toyota Yaris HSD concept
Source : Toyota Motor Europe
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Comfort Use of Your Car

Many people consider use their own car for their daily transportation than the public transport. The public transport is a good choice for people with the small mobility. It will give the cheaper option for them.

With the help of the public transport, we do not need to fill the gas of the vehicle. With the public transport, we can go to any destination we like. We just need to follow the track of the public vehicle.

If the destination is not in one way, we can use some public vehicle to get to the destination. With the changes of the vehicle, we will need to pay more money. However, this option is still cheaper than the price of a car.

With your own vehicle, you can travel to any place you like. In this article, we will use the car as the main vehicle. Many people pick the car as their main vehicle.

With their own car, people can travel to any place they like with their family members. There are so many models of the cars available in the market. You can pick the model as you like it.

However, if you use your own car, you have to spend more money as the treatment of your own car.

Toyota Prius Interior - Toyota Motor Europe Source : Toyota Motor Europe Link :

Toyota Prius Interior – Toyota Motor Europe
Source : Toyota Motor Europe
Link :

Besides, the price of the car is not cheap. Although the price is more affordable than the old days, they are still a high price vehicle. However, the privacy of the family members will be better if you choose the car as your own transportation. You will not need to wait for the other people to get your destination. You can travel to any place you want from your own house. It is very comfortable compared to the public transport.

Consider Battery Tender 021-0123

Talking about your own car, you have to understand the treatment of the car battery.

The battery of your car is very important. Without the proper source, you car will not be a comfortable place to travel.

Car Battery Inspection Source :

Car Battery Inspection
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You can imagine the annoying things from the car without the power of the battery. You will not be able to hear the music from your car, because the battery of your car is empty. The worst condition of the battery drain is the air conditioner. You will feel hot with the summer season. The global warming keep the earth hot and you need to use the help of the high technologies to suffer from the hot.

Using the Battery Tender 021-0123, you can charge the battery of your car effectively. This model is better than the previous model. With the 12V charger, you can fill the battery of your car twice faster than the previous model. The model also has the artificial brain to charge the battery of your car.

It will automatically stop the charging process after the battery of your car is full.

The artificial brain is very helpful feature from the Battery Tender 021-0123, because it will prevent the overcharging to your battery. Many people have proven the good quality of this device. You should understand the importance of the battery power of your car.

Battery Tender 021-0123

Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger

Battery Tender Junior Video Review



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A Simple Brief About Car Balancing and Spooring


If you have bought a used vehicle, than it is necessary to correct its balance and wheel alignment. It is necessary because irregularities can occur in wheel alignment due to the wear component legs of car. Balancing and spooring should be performed on regular basis to avoid this thing.

Spooring helps in the alignment of the wheels of both sides (right and left). If the wheels are not aligned they can cause a car to sway or become shaky.

Balancing is done to make the front wheels parallel to the rear wheels. It is also done to avoid the small vibrations in a moving car. If the rear wheels are not parallel to the front wheels, the car can become unstable. These processes also help to avoid unsteady effects and assure the driving safety.

Interference in the steering wheel can also cause unsteady phenomena. It can occur due to following reasons:

• Putting less oil for power steering

• Weakness in the front suspension system can cause vibrations in steering.

• If the wind pressure in each tire is different, than it can cause problem with the steering wheel.

• Free movements of the steering wheel can occur if the sector adjustment shafts are not appropriately placed.

The test for balancing and spooring should be done at the speed of 100 km/h to feel the unsteady phenomena.

How to find the perfect time to do car balancing and spooring?

• When you feel the vibrations in the steering wheel that is interfering with the comfort of your driving.

• Another sigh is when you feel that the car has taken a corner without the change in steering wheel control.

• Check regularly for the tears of your tires. If bumps are present on your tires than it indicates that there might be any problem with the suspension system.

• When you feel that your steering wheel has become uncomfortable and is not as smooth as before.

• Check whether you feel a shock while starting the car.

How to prevent car from unsteady:

Balancing and spooring should be done regularly. Refer your service manuals for this process as each car has different suspension systems.

Do the rotation of the tires regularly and correctly in order to prevent unsteadiness.

While installing the wheels, follow the directions that are mentioned on the tires and apply the wind pressure that is given by the manufacturer.

It is better to check the tires, rims, suspensions and the condition of vehicle before starting the repair process.

In order to get the maximum benefit from spooring and balancing, try to use your own workshop equipments that are manufactured according to your car.

Do not replace the tires with old tires as they are a high risk for your safety.

If your tire has become flat, use the spare tire that is of the same size as your original tires to avoid unsteadiness. If you don’t have the spare tire that fits the original size than you can use that tire in emergency situations until you get another one.

Product Details

Orange Electronic P409S Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Suspension Systems: What You Need To Know


Suspension is basically a system that consists of shock absorbers and various linkages that helps to connect the car to its wheels. The two main functions of suspension system are:

1. To maintain a firm contact between car wheels and the road in order to provide traction.

2. To make the whole ride comfortable and decrease the vibrations and road noise.

The major function of this system depends on springs. The springs provide the support to the body of car by re-bounding and compressing with car’s movement. The up and down movement of car during the ride is very uncomfortable for the passengers. To reduce this, the shock absorbers are placed in the car.


At present, the springs for the car come in different varieties. They come in different sizes, shapes, capacities and rates. The most commonly used springs include leaf springs, coil springs and torsion bars. A set of four springs are used in each vehicle or they are used in various combinations.

Generally torsion bars and coil springs are used in the front and leaf springs are used in the rear. The shock absorbers are placed inside the spring and the coil spring is than positioned between the two control arms. In some vehicles the coil springs are placed above the upper control arm. The coil springs are available in different rates. They can be used in a vehicle to modify its handling and riding characteristics.

The leaf springs are manufactured from numerous layers of spring steel that are locked together through the center. The ends of this spring are connected to the body with the help of a shackle. Shackle helps in flexion of the springs and prevents its tearing.

The torsion bar performs its function by twisting the flexible steel bar. When the steel bar twists, a resistance is created to the up and down movements of the car. For each of the front wheels, a torsion bar is used. The front part of the torsion bar is connected to the lower control arms and its rear is connected to the frame of the car. The major advantage of using the torsion bar is that it can be adjusted easily. The ride height can be adjusted by turning the tensioning bolts.

Product Details

Prothane 7-1015 Red Front Spring and Shackle Bushing Kit with Rancho Springs


Shock Absorbers and Strut Assemblies:

In order to make the ride more comfortable, the direct and indirect type of shock absorbing devices were used in the past. At present, the gas or hydraulic shock absorbers and struts are used.

Many people have confusion in the differences between shock absorbers and struts. Shock absorber is a device that works independently of the steering system. Its function is to control the up and down movements of suspension. The struts are placed at the front steering knuckle. The strut assemblies are used in the imported cars as an essential part of the suspension system in order to improve its design and to decrease its weight.

Rear wheel alignment started with the use of independent rear suspensions. Now the strut assemblies are also used for the rear of some cars. In some cars the strut assemblies are placed for all the four corners of car. Their use has become common in the Japanese cars. The shock absorbers are used in the rear of most cars.

The hydraulic shock absorbers work on the principle of moving the fluid through the restricted openings in the valves. The restriction on the flow of fluid helps to control the rapid movements in the springs of car and to slow down the car when necessary. The spring loaded valves controls the flow of fluid through piston. The hydraulic shock absorbers are designed in such a way that they adapt with the severity of shock. When the axle movement is slow, the resistance to the flowing fluid is light but when the axle is moving rapidly the resistance increases. This is because more time will be required to force the fluid out of the openings.

With the help of actions of these shock absorbers, a car can move easily over the small bumps. They also provide a cushioning effect for riding over large bumps. It is important for the double acting units to work effectively in both the directions to prevent the spring rebound which can be very violent.

The strut assembly is used in place of upper control arm, ball joint and front shock absorbers. This has made handling easier and has increased the responsiveness of vehicles. The strut assemblies provide the control over ride in the same way as hydraulic shock absorbers. They help to keep the front end aligned. The assemblies contain the front coil springs so its replacement should be done carefully.

The major disadvantage of using the strut is that they tend to leak with the passage of time which will require its replacement. The advantage is that they are more durable than the conventional shock absorbers. Now the struts come with the internal shock assembly which can be replaced without replacing the rest of the housing. This is a economical method for replacing the strut.

Product Details

Monroe 71661 Sensa-Trac Strut

Sway Bars:

This is also a component of suspension system. In some cars stabilizers are used to steady the frame against front end roll. The sway bars function when the car takes a turn and begins to lean. The sway bars exert an upward force on outer wheels in order to lift the inner wheels and keep the car steady.

Control Arms:

The control arms help to connect the suspension to the body or frame of vehicle. They help to keep the suspension in its proper place. The control arms come in numerous size and shape and were designed to preserve the geometry of suspension. A problem that has been encountered with its use is that the bushings wear out which causes terrible squeaking noises.

The suspension systems are an important part for the vehicles because they not only provide comfort but they also provide safety and stability.

Product Details

Pro Comp 61252 2.0″ Rear Suspension Block Kit for Dodge Ram 1500

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Tips On How To Take A Deal With The Work Of Repair Shop

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Most Californians depend on their car for most of their work. In situations when your car needs services or repairs, you want it to be as quickly as possible and with reasonable cost.

In this guide you will find the information about your rights when you are not satisfied with the work of repair shop.

Below are given the recommendations of Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR):

1. Always follow the owner’s manual.

2. Before going for the repair work, choose a shop that is registered with BAR.

3. Be aware of your rights of consumer.

4. Carry this guide with you in the car and refer it before giving your car for service.

Warning indicators are present in the car and in your owner’s manual an explanation is given about these indicators. Always keep an eye on these indicators in order to avoid any big problem.

It is also necessary to pay attention on the performance on your car each day. If you see anything that is unusual, try to fix it as soon as possible.

Oil changing is a simple process that will help to increase the life span of your car. For changing of oil you should follow manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This schedule is given in your owner’s manual. if you have lost your owner’s manual than you can ask the car dealer for another one or look for it online.

Also check if the shop that you have selected is registered with BAR or not. For this you can visit or call (800) 952-5210.Always choose a repair shop before taking your car for repair. Contact your friends and family members and ask them about the best and reasonable shop for car repairing.

If you want to check the service of the repair shop, than you should start with the simple maintenance procedures like oil changing. Once you are satisfied with the service you can go for bigger repair works. Below are given some points that will help you to select a repair shop:

• Registration with Bureau of Automotive Repair

• Option of smog check

• Services for lamp and brake inspections, if valid

• Do they have any membership with automotive trade organization

• Whether the technicians are certified or not

• The appearance of shop.

• The availability of modern equipments.

• The policies about the labor charges, methods of payment and guarantees should be clearly stated.

• Staff is helpful or not

• Services manager is co-operative or not

• Whether the Technicians have professional certifications like Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) etc.

• Whether the shop gives the guarantee for its work

• Whether the technicians are regular in their work

Product Details

Small Engine Repair Up to 20 Hp


Meeting with the service writer:

Below are given some steps that will help you to describe the problem clearly. First thing is that you know everything about your vehicle. If there is any problem, identify the warning sign before taking your car for service.

What to look for:

• Look for odors, unusual sounds, smoke, leaks or any warning sign

• Try to locate the source of sound from the vehicle.

• Note that when does the sound come from the vehicle. Whether it comes at the time of starting the engine or when it is cold or accelerating

Problems in handling or braking:

• Is there any vibration occurring in the steering column or brake pedal?

• Does your steering moves to the right or left by itself?

• The tires are wearing unevenly or not?

Changes in performance:

• How is your engine performance?

• Whether the fuel economy is falling or stable?

• Do you have to add the oil or coolants regularly?

Ask questions from the technicians if you don’t understand anything. Questions help to clarify many things.Be elaborative at the time of explaining the problem to your technician. Don’t be anxious.

Give your phone number to the shop so that they can call you and inform you about the problem and the type of repair that will be needed. You should also have the phone number of the shop so that you can ask them about the problem.

Know your rights as a consumer:

It is necessary for the shops in California to register with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. The shops must display this sign on their shop to inform the customers that whether they are registered or not. ask the shop about their registration if you don’t see the sign.

Doing the paperwork:

The repair shops should provide an estimate about the cost before starting the repair process. This is stated in the law. Once you have received an estimate you can visit other shops and have a second opinion. An estimate should state the total cost of the parts as well as the labor. Sales tax is not included in the estimate. Estimate should also mention the parts that have to be replaced.

A technician from the shop will give you an estimate to sign so that he can start repairing the vehicle. If you want the older parts back, than mention this to the technician at the time of signing the estimate.

Before signing the estimate understand each and everything. Ask him about the repair work that they will do and the parts that will be replaced. Once you have done the signature it means that you agree to pay all the cost that is mentioned in the estimate. Always check the estimate before signing and do not sign a blank work order.

For newer cars, diagnosis is often made before doing the repair work. Diagnosis is the process by which the auto manufacturer tries to identify the major cause of the problem. An estimate can include the cost of diagnosis only or it can include the cost of diagnosis as well as repair. An estimate should also mention if any work would be done in any other shop. It is important to notify about this to the owner.

Product Details

Chevrolet and GMC S10 & S-15 Pick-ups Workshop Manual, 1982-1993: Includes 1983 Thru 1994 S-10Blazer & S-15 Jimmy and 1991 Thru 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada (Haynes Repair Manual)

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What Do Know About Steering System


The two systems are very important for your car. These are the steering and suspension systems which not only assures you the safety of car but also help to make your car’s ride comfortable. These two systems are closely related to each other therefore they are mostly referred together.

In recent years, various factors have contributed towards the safety of the car and to make the whole ride a comfortable. These include the ongoing improvements in the suspension and steering systems, the increase in durability and strength of different components of the car and the introduction of different designs of tires.

Steering Systems:

In the early days of development of automobiles, most of the weight of car was concentrated on the rear axle rather than the front. At this time the only function of the steering was to turn the tiller that rotated the entire front axle. The complex system of steering evolved when the engine was placed at the front of the car. had to evolve.

At present, two basic types of steering systems are present in the market. These are: 1. Rack and pinion steering, 2. Standard mechanical (reciprocating ball) steering. The rack and pinion is always power assisted systems but the standard mechanical steering are available as power assisted or non-power assisted.

Product Details

UFlex Rotech Rotary Steering System with Wheel, 20 FOOT

Standard mechanical (reciprocating ball) steering:

This steering system has a number of links and arms that are used in order to turn both the wheels at the same time in the same direction. The principles on which it works are very simple. Nothing has been changed in this system over the past few years. The mechanism by which it operates is given below:

A steering box is present which is connected to the steering wheel with the help of a steering column. The function of the steering box is to turn the rotation of steering wheel by 90 degrees. When power steering is used, the steering box triggers the steering by using high pressure fluid.

There is an arm attached to the output shaft of steering box which is called the pitman arm. This is used to make a connection between the steering box and steering gear. At one end of the center link or drag link, the pitman arm is connected while at the other end of center link an idler arm is connected. In order to keep the right and left wheels working properly, the center link is supported at a position in between the pitman and idle arms.

At both the ends of center link an inner tie rods are attached. They are attached in order to provide the rotating points for steering gear. From this point it moves towards the outer tie rod ends with the help of an adjustment sleeve. The adjustment sleeves make a connection between the outer and inner tie rod ends and in this way it helps in adjustment whenever the front wheels are aligned properly.

The steering knuckles are connected to the outer tie rod ends. The steering knuckles are the part that turns the front wheels. They consist of an upper and a lower ball joint. It rotates on these ball joints and creates a steering axis.

This standard mechanical steering system is a very simple system consisting of a connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels. The drawback of this system is due to the presence of pivot points which are the ball and socket joints. These joints wear out after some time and then the replacement should be done. If the replacement is not done, the loose ball joints will make it difficult to control the car and the front tires can also damage. In order to save your car from these damages, it is necessary to get your car checked at least once in a year.

When the ball joints tear, funny noises start to come from your car. This can be an indicator that the ball joints need replacement. When you take your car to the garage to diagnose the problem and the repair dealer advises you to change the ball joint than always check the measurements for ball joints. The dealer will give you an invoice on which the measurements will be mentioned along with a statement from the manufacturer. If the measurements suggests that the ball joints are worn off than you should replace them with new ball joints.

Detail Produk

Raybestos 401-1195B Service Grade Steering Tie Rod/Drag Link

Rack and pinion steering:

This system consists of steering box and enter link which are actually combined into a single unit. The steering wheel is connected directly to the rack with the help of a steering column. The steering rack consists of a pinion assembly which moves the toothed piston. The piston in turn works to move the steering gear.

At each end of the toothed piston, one end of inner tie rod ends is connected. The other free end of inner tie rod ends is connected to the outer tie rod ends. The inner tie rod ends can be rotated in order to make adjustments during the process of wheel alignment.

This rack and pinion system is often used with strut suspension system. At the lower ball joint, the rotation of the bottom of steering knuckles takes place. The strut assembly is connected to the top the steering knuckle. The other thing in this system is that the outer tie rod is attached to the arm present on the strut housing.

There are many advantages of using the rack and pinion system rather than using the standard mechanical system.

1. This system is more precise than the standard mechanical system

2. It has a control the wheel direction more accurately than the standard mechanical system because it has less number of parts and the pivot joints. It makes the steering more responsive to the commands.

The only disadvantage of using this system is that it can leak. If the leakage occurs, the replacement of the steering rack assembly should be done. It’s upon you that which system you choose for your car in order to make its drive more comfortable and safer.

Product Details

A1 Cardone 20-FLT1 Service Plus Power Steering Filters

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The Role of ECU In The Evolution Of Vehicle Performance


Chrysler Concorde ECU

Refined control and an increase in the performance of the engine in the vehicles have occurred with the use of a number of electronic devices like Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the Chrysler Concorde. They are also helpful in saving the fuel and thus reduce the expenditure of money.

The performance of the car depends upon the conditions of the roads but with the introduction of electronic devices, they have also become an important factor for controlling various components of driving.

For an average person the prices of fuel are becoming unaffordable day by day. It is also becoming a difficult task for the transport managers to manage the whole budget for transportation because of the increasing price of fuels.

Many people who use car to go on their work are now thinking of using public transportation services like buses and trains for this purpose. People who are bound to use their cars like sales person are thinking about buying the vehicles that are fuel effective and have control systems in it like ECU.

The Chrysler Concorde ECU provides a better fuel economy b causing the spark at exact timings. It also regulates the direct fuel injection of a vehicle. It has sensors which carries the information about the fuel that has to be injected. Temperature of engine coolant, the amount and quality of available air and throttle position can influence this.

The mechanics used to spend a lot of their time in the past on settlement of engine and transmission guidelines for different vehicles manually. Today this is done automatically by Engine Control unit. It adjusts itself according to the driving conditions.

They help to control the idling speed of the engine and it also has a crankshaft sensor that decides the RMP of engine. It also calculates the engine load at a time. It decides the time for the opening of the valve. This helps to reduce the combustion factor as compared to the other type of camshafts.

The Engine Control Unit is also called as Power-train Control Module (PCM). This provides the maximum performance with the use of an internal combustion engine.

This system uses a number of sensors to convey the data which are interpreted by “look up tables”. Adjustments are made in the system if required.

The Engine Control Unit system created an opportunity for improvement in the worldwide standards of vehicle and motoring. The system came into being on 1939 by BMW. It was created in order to manage the multiple functions of engine automatically to reduce the time and effort.

The Brain of a Vehicle

This system can be considered as the master mind of the vehicle as it can control multiple functions of the vehicle and can remove the driver from manual operation. The factors that can affect this system are the quality and quantity of available air, throttle position and the running temperature of the engine coolant. Since its advent, the performance of the vehicles has increased many folds.

Product Details


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Everything You Need To Know About Automotive Repair Act


Once the examination of the vehicle is complete, you will receive a call from the shop about the problem diagnosed and the type of repair work that would be needed. They will also give you an estimate about the cost of parts and labor that will be required. The representative from the shop will take consent from you for doing the repair work.

Usually it is better not to give the authorization on phone but if you do so, then following things should be recorded by the shop in the invoice:

1. They should record the telephone number and name of the person

2. The name of the person who gave the permission and the time and date of the day when permission was given.

When the repair work is completed the shop may ask you to sign the final invoice with following statement:

“I accept and give the approval for the increase in original price”

Some shops use e-mail or fax for permission rather than verbal authorization. In such cases, a copy of that

authorization fax or e-mail for the repairs should be attached with the invoice.

Sometimes the cost of repair increases than the estimated cost. The technician might determine this at some point during the work that more work or parts would be needed for the repair. If this occurs than it is necessary that the shop contacts you and explain you the further work that will be required. They should take your permission before proceeding.

If you are assigning someone the task of authorizing the additional parts for you than your permission must be recorded on the estimate or invoice.

Teardown estimate

In some cases where the problem is more complex, the shop might have to separate the parts of your vehicle in order to give accurate estimate about the repair work. This process is called “teardown”. One thing that you should keep in mind is that even without repairing the vehicle; the shop may charge you for teardown.

The following things should be included in teardown estimate:

1. it should be mentioned in the notice that the vehicle they might not be able to re-assemble the vehicle.

2. The total cost of re-assembling the vehicle, replacing the seals, gaskets and the parts that will be destroyed in teardown should be mentioned.

3. The time that will be taken by the shop in re-assembling the vehicle.

After the process of teardown, the shop technician should give a revised estimate about the repairs that includes:

• An estimated amount of money that would be required for replacing the parts and the labor that would be needed.

• The parts that would be required for repairing.

After this, the shop will ask for your permission to repair the vehicle. If you deny for the repair of the vehicle than the technician will start re-assembling the vehicle within the estimated cost and time mentioned on the teardown notice.

The invoice

After completing the repair work, you will get an invoice from the shop which should include following things:

• The name and address of the shop and its ARD (auto repair dealer) number.

• The repair work that is done should be mentioned. It also includes the repair work that is done under the warranty without any charge.

• A list mentioning the parts that are rebuilt, replaced or reconditioned.

• The cost of the labor

Return Of  Old Parts

If you want back any of the parts that were replaced, than ask for it to the shop at the time of signing the written estimate. Under the law it is necessary for the shop to return you the parts that were replaced if you have asked for it before the repair work is done.
When a rebuilt part is installed, the shop usually returns the old part to the supplier. This is considered as the partial payment of the rebuilt part and is called as “core” charge. In order to get back the old part, you will have to pay the core charge.

You will not get the old parts back If your parts are under warranty because the shop has to return those parts to the supplier.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) number and the charge must be present on the invoice if the shop is charging you for harmful waste disposal.

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Replacement Fuse and Tip End Parts for GTM20


Under law It is not necessary for the shop to give guarantee for its repair work. Some shops give guarantee for their work. A guarantee should include following things:

• The address and name of the shop giving the guarantee.

• What type of guarantee is it? (Will they replace or repair the affected part?)

• What will be required in order to use the guarantee? (example: paying service charges, returning the car to same shop etc.)

• The time period of the guarantee

• What things are not included in the guarantee?

• The guarantee is perforated or not?

• Is the guarantee transferable to the

• Whether you can transfer the guarantee to the other person if you sale the vehicle

Dropping off your car when the shop is closed

Call the service manager ahead of time if you want to drop the car when the shop is about to close. Make sure that you are leaving the car keys in the safe hands. You should also attach a note about the repairing service that you need along with your phone number. The shop will contact you before starting the work and they will give you an estimate. They will also ask for your permission.

If you are not satisfied with the service work than contact your service manager.

Keep the following things in mind

• You should be aware of your rights that are mentioned under the Automotive Repair Act

• During the whole process of repair you should remain calm.

• Explain each and every thing correctly.

• If you are not satisfied with the work you can make a complain.

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Auto Repair For Dummies

Automotive News August 5th 2012

Some Feature of Equus 3721, Battery and Charging System Monitor


In order to check the state of your charging system and battery, you can buy a battery and charging system monitor display. This system has the ability to protect your 12 volt accessories and engine computer from the damaging surge when starting or recharging it.

To check the voltage of monitor battery and charging system, you can plug it into the power receptacle or cigarette lighter of your vehicle. The LCD screen attached to it displays the bar graph of measured voltage that indicates the charge level of the battery.

The color coded LEDs are also present which identifies the battery’s charge status. It also has head pivots so that it can be viewed easily and the angles can be adjusted.

Product Features:

• It displays the state of battery and charging system.

• The system has been designed for a 12 volt negative ground system.

• This system has the ability to protect 12 volt accessories and engine computer from surges.

• It can be easily plugged into a power receptacle or cigarette lighter.

• Angle adjustments can be done by head pivots.

The precision of this system for showing the voltage value is .01. this is a sufficient value to tell the status of the battery. When you put it in the car, it will automatically switch from “battery status monitoring” to “charging status monitoring” and vice versa.

When the engine is not working, the system has the “battery status monitoring mode” but when you start the engine it will switch to “charging status monitoring” mode.

This Equus 3721 system is a sophisticated system and you can connect it to your car’s 12 volt electrical system. In the newer vehicles auxillary power outlet and lighter sockets are also present so you can connect this system to these areas.

When the engine is working, this system displays the battery condition with the help of an LED light. The color is amber when the battery charge status is marginal and it is red when battery is discharging. The green light indicates that the electrical system is functioning correctly.

The Equus 3721 also gives accurate voltmeter readings. It tells the exact voltage that is present in the electrical system. If the voltages are below the normal ranges and the system is also showing amber or red light than this indicates a problem with the battery or potential alternator. The battery icon also shows the total battery charge graphically but this is not a very reliable method as error can occur in its interpretation.

The instruction card in this system is very easy to understand. It is very easy to connect the unit and read the status of battery. You can also connect this device to the supplemental monitor in an RV or a boat so that you can monitor the condition of your battery while you are camping or at anchor

The system has a very reasonable price and it is highly recommended for personal use.

With the help of this system you can easily determine the condition of your battery. It is important because you can take measures to prevent further harm to the battery or vehicle.

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Equus 3721 Battery and Charging System Monitor